Custom sling

Thank you for for considering the purchase of a custom sling! There are many options to choose from when designing your sling, please complete this form and we will be in touch to confirm your order and quote you the price. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email. Thank you!

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Not all colours are available for custom orders (depending on stock of fabric), we'll let you know if we can complete your order after we receive your requirements.
Tapered Tail or Pocket *
Please choose one of the options. Keep in mind that a tapered tail will shorten the overall length of the sling. For instance if you order a long sling with a taper, the long edge of the taper will be at 85", however, the short end will be ~15" shorter. When ordering a pocket, please keep in mind that the pocket is at the end of the tail. If you have a very long tail where it reached your knees or ankles, you may not be able to easily reach into the pocket.
Which shoulder do you place your rings on? *
Tapered tail and pocket options are placed based on which shoulder you wear the rings on. Please select one of the options:
Triple Shoulder or Double *
A triple shoulder is where we add an additional layer into the shoulder part of the sling which provides more comfort. We also extend the shoulder to ensure the three layers go through to your mid back. A double is two layers of fabric through the entire sling. Both of these options are only available with a standard weight sling (not 1.5).