ARCTIC CIRCLE (prepared for dye)

ARCTIC CIRCLE (prepared for dye)

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A blank slate for you to work with. This pure white linen sling is prepared for dye (no optical brighteners, no permanent press) the fabric takes dye beautifully. Non structural seams are done with cotton thread and any of our ring colours are available (please note your ring colour selection at checkout).

As this sling is prepared for dye, it arrives crisp compared to all of our other slings. It softens up with each wash through the dye process. If you use this sling simply as a white sling, it may take couple of washes before the linen softens.

Due to the variety of ring colour and length options, these slings will be made to order so please expect up to 1 week for production time and can be shipped directly to your dyer if needed.

Ring Options (as pictured):

Gloss Graphite - Graphite - Black

White - Silver - Pewter - Slate

Gloss Gold - Gold - Bronze

Gloss Rose - Blush - Gloss Rose Gold - Rose Gold - Deep Rose Gold

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