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Soft light pink with rose gold or deep rose gold rings.

What is 1.5 Weight? In short, it’s our answer to the double layer. While double layer slings do offer extra support for the toddler and preschooler crowd, they were never the ones that we reached for the most because they were so warm and difficult to adjust. We felt like the ring sling lost two of its best qualities because of that!

Enter 1.5 Weight. A sling that is made from linen that is 1.5 times the weight of our standard sling, offering awesome added support without losing any of the breathability of our standard weight. They are a bit more difficult to adjust than a standard weight, but much easier than a double layer sling. These are recommended for experienced ring sling users wearing heavier kids.

Made with a floating shoulder and generous length. Easy to care for with cold water wash on a gentle cycle, lay flat to dry. Hot steam iron if desired to help break in the sling.

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